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#Nonfiction November 2016: Tentative TBR

Fresh from the #Readothon and into a new challenge. Hosted by the lovely ladies at A Book Olive and Non Fic Books, November is the month dedicated to upping your nonfiction count. If you’ve always been meaning to read some factual works, but kept procrastinating, here’s your chance to catch up. I read nonfiction rather […]

8 Ways I Have Changed as a Reader Over the Last Eight Years

We all change. If I looked forward at myself ten years from now, I’m sure I wouldn’t recognize the woman. Even the habits we think would never be different down the road suddenly morph into something complete opposite. Looking back at some of my reading preferences from the time I first started reading seriously and […]

6 New Releases I Can’t Wait to Read

If only life consisted of reading books. Anyone wants to hire a professional book reader? Didn’t think so. Because I still have to take care of such trivial things like bills, however, time management is my only way of keeping up with the amazing books that are coming out every week, like a gushing fountain. […]

7 Sci-fi Book Recommendations for Newbies

Today I am going to recommend some science fiction books for those who are a bit intimidated by the genre. I’m not doing it because I am an expert, but because I used to be in the same boat, and have only recently been able to plunge full force into the churning, whirling waters that […]